Women's Bible Study Series

Join us, as we begin a new Kerygma study, "into the world", The Acts of the Apostles, April 24. "Acts is Luke's extended description of the nature and purpose of the Christian church in all times and among all people."

The group meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, 6:30 pm for dinner and study to follow at 7pm. The meeting dates are August 14, 28, September 11, 25. Please call the church office, 584-5822 if you have additional questions. Cost of the study book is $20.00.


Adult Sunday School Classes--10 am Sunday Morning

Two Adult classes are offered:

Spring/Summer Scripture series will begin Sunday, June 11 for twelve weeks. This is a study on 'Following the UPC Mission' and is patterned after the Essentials 100 that was done a year ago. The scriptures, etc. are "in-house" and will be taught by Elders and other members of the class. The church's mission statement serves as the basis for the study; each session focuses on a concept such as prayer or community. The class meets in the old Youth room/"other side" of Kitchen/next to Choir room.

The second Adult class meets in the Conference Room. September Olson and Josef Ozer are also facilitating the study "Following the UPC Mission". (See above post for more details)

Please call the church office, 584-5822 for any additional questions




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